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A.P.S Ambulance NZ Trust



A.P.S Ambulance NZ Trust work alongside you to help provide a safe,fun and enjoyable event that meets your specific needs and requirements. We offer a comprehensive service with qualified staff who have many years experience in providing optimum care to patients, regardless of the patients location, situation or needs. Utilising specialist four wheel drive vehicles.


A.P.S Ambulance NZ Trust

Offer a fun, interactive, scenario based range of first aid courses that can be tailored to suit your workplace, environment or leisure activity. All our courses are unique in their presentation and are run to NZQA, N.Z. Resus council and international guidelines for best first aid practice. Our instructors are internationally registered and have years of ambulance experience which means you gain from their wealth of knowledge and experience whilst they deliver your first aid training.


Our Health & Safety Consultant is available to provide, a site specific Health & Safety plan and documentation to suit your need's for compliance under the,

 "Health & Safety at Work Act 2015"


A.P.S Ambulance NZ Trust

Offer a comprehensive and complete risk analysis for your events and workplaces. Our Consultants come to you and complete a walk through of the environment/location as well as a sit down consultation. This ensures that every aspect is covered. Our Consultants can identify hazards and dangers  offering practical solutions to assist you in Eliminating,Isolating or Minimising the risk to you, your employees or event patrons by providing  a written Risk Management Plan tailored to you and your need's.


A.P.S Ambulance NZ Trust offers a door to door service, this offers you the ability to travel comfortably and safely to your medical appointments. This service is available in our local area.

Ohope, Whakatane, Edgecumbe,

Te Teko, Kawerau and Matata.

This service is completely self funded and a Koha is appreciated.                                           


From A Trolley Derby to High Speed Motorsports and everything else in between. A.P.S Ambulance N.Z Trust can assist you in every aspect of organising, running and creating a safe and unforgettable event.