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A.P.S Ambulance NZ Trust

Burt's Farm Trail Ride

The team from A.P.S Ambulance offers their skills and passion as medics and a great knowledge to make our events safer and manage risk more effectively. Their over  view of the entire process has resulted in a more professional and enjoyable event for all. When their skills have been required, the command of the situation has been excellent right down to calling for helicopters when necessary. Patients are reassured and expertly assessed in the field and again back at our First Aid room. Coordinating help and getting a team around them whilst ensuring the safety of all concerned is a great testament to the teams skills, knowledge and strengths. They can operate much more effective in events of this type than standard medics, because of the speed of the response and specialist knowledge that they have displayed over the past six years when covering our rides .

         "We Would Highly Recommend The Team To Anyone"

Te Kuiti & Districts Pony Club

To the Medic from A.P.S Ambulance NZ Trust that looked after my daughter who was competing at Piopio yesterday when she fell off her pony and broke her nose. I wanted to thank you for your calmness, kindness, compassion humor and truthfulness. You made a horrible situation so much better and you were absolutely brilliant in your approach and the connection and caring. I especially appreciated that you were dead honest in telling her what was going on. Having you treat her was a blessing. thank you so much !

Lucy Rock